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Are you looking for a small school that will cater for your child's needs ?

Glengala Primary School is a small, innovative school where your child and family are always welcome. We pride ourselves on knowing our students individually, and catering to their learning, social and emotional needs.  We have over 19 different nationalities represented in our school population, including several overseas students, all supported by our dynamic and passionate staff.  This makes our school a culturally diverse and wonderful place to be educated.

Our students are very friendly and cooperative.  They work hard to achieve in their learning. Our staff and families are proud of their efforts and achievements, both academic and socially. We work hard to ensure learning growth occurs and builds from year to year, and actively encourage and support student relationships that minimise negative behaviour and bullying.

Staff at Glengala PS are very professional, and provide students with a challenging and supportive learning environment. We aim to provide the very best learning opportunities, that meet their individual learning needs through differentiation and targeted learning groups. In addition, we aim to grow each student holistically, supporting them not only academically, but to develop and extend their social and emotional learning.  We have recently adopted School Wide Positive Behaviour Supports (SWPBS), Respectful Relationships Rights & Responsibilities (RRRR) and BounceBack/Friendship Saver as our frameworks to support this.

So what makes us different?

Our small size enables us to get to know and cater for your child as an individual.  We work hard to build relationships with students and families at our school – not just academically, but to support them in all facets of their development. We offer classes with multiple teachers, each of whom understands your child as both a person and a learner. We are strongly focused on developing your child’s reading skills, and have implemented a targeted reading program across the school to ensure that all students succeed.

Most importantly, we believe in the idea “it takes a village to raise a child”.  We understand that we are part of the village that raises your child, and we strongly value the relationships that we build with you to help raise a happy, successful child.

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Enrolment Information

We warmly welcome new enrolments at any year level to our school throughout the school year. Please click the link to find out how to enrol your child.

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Learning at Glengala PS

We have four learning spaces and a dedicated specialist program to cater for our students’ learning.

 Foundation Learning Space

Team Leader:



Milly & Lydia

ES Staff:

Yan & Soma

 1/2 Learning Space

Team Leader:



Melissa & Jenny

ES Staff:

Hang & Susanne

 3/4 Learning Space

Team Leader:



Stuart, Gemma M & Paul

ES Staff:

Gemma F & Hang

 5/6 Learning Space

Team Leader:



Geraldine & Debra

ES Staff:


Specialist Teachers:

Will (H&PE)
Melissa (The Arts)
Melissa (Numeracy BOOST)
Baz (Literacy Boost)

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