5/6 Learning Space

In the 5/6 Learning Space, we support and extend our students to think beyond their lived experiences, and adopt a more global perspective.


In reading, we focus on developing our students’ comprehension and reading skills using more complex texts, exploring the underlying themes and ideas contained within them.  We help students to think more critically about the information they see, particularly in the media and online.


We use a genre-based approach to learning writing.  Students use a variety of tools and methods for demonstrating their learning, such as digital storytelling, film-making and song, as well as more traditional writing styles and products. This term students are further developing their skills to enhance the quality of their writing through the use of Writers’ Craft and Mentor Texts. We help our students develop their skills in writing for a purpose, including the use of appropriate structure and vocabulary. This term students write in the genre of information reports, biographies and poetry.


We adopt a hands-on approach to learning mathematics. Wherever possible, we use concrete materials to strengthen our students’ understanding and help them to make connections between their learning and maths in the “real” world.  Students are supported and extended at their point of need through the use of open-ended questions, fluid groupings and formative assessment.  Lessons are sequential, hands on and engaging. We use the YUMI framework to develop students skills.  This term we investigate and explore the areas of chance, probability and data representation, coordinates and mapping and ratio.


Through our Inquiry studies, we expose students to learning about the world about them by adopting a global perspective through the use of technology, critical and analytical questioning. We focus on helping them to understand the present in terms of our history, to consider our geographical and economic place in the world and explore how science and technology impact on our lives. Our inquiry this term investigates how science affects the way we live and grow on Earth. We explore how the world is changing, how living things survive on earth and what it means to be a scientist.

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