Access IT Library

AccessIT is a “cloud-based” library system which caters for an entire school community including staff, students and parents.

We are pleased to announce the release of the system to parents.

Parents will be able to do the following in AccessIT:

  • Borrow books for their child
  • Search the AccessIT catalog
  • Write reviews of books
  • Search educational resources through images and video

All parents would have received a welcome letter with a unique borrower ID and pin number. Please contact the school if you haven’t received your welcome letter.

AccessIT is accessible at on any internet web browser.

At this present time, a mobile app is not yet available for iphone or a smartphone device but one is planned to be available in the near future.

For help on getting onto AccessIT, please contact our resident Admin IT Technician – Dean who is at the school on Mondays and also Wednesday to Friday

For more information on AccessIT, please visit

Click on this link for a view tutorial on how to use AccessIT.