Glengala Canteen

Through the Glengala Cafe, we offer students, staff and families freshly-cooked healthy food for purchase.  Where possible, we use produce from our vegetable garden to create our food.  The Cafe is run by Danielle, with her band of parent volunteer helpers. Parents and friends are always welcome to volunteer!

Join us for coffee or hot chocolate available from 8:45 am every day!


Lunch Orders

Cafe Glengala operates Monday – Friday at both Lunch and Recess breaks. Lunch items are made fresh on site using healthy and local ingredients – wherever possible, using produce grown in our vegetable garden and eggs from our chickens.

Lunch orders need to be written on a paper bag with:

  • Student’s Name
  • Learning Space e.g. 5/6
  • Lunch order items, cost per item and total
  • Amount enclosed

Lunch orders should be placed in the tub in your child’s Learning Space, or handed directly in at the Cafe.  Brown paper bags can be purchased from the Cafe for 10c.

Click here for the 2021 Canteen Menu