Glengala Gazette – Issue #1

Welcome back!! It’s great to see everyone looking refreshed and excited for another terrific year at Glengala PS. It’s been wonderful catching up with our community and seeing new connections form.  A special welcome to our 22 new students from Yr1-6 and our 34 new Foundation students which means our current enrolment sits at 194 students – our highest enrolment since 2010! With increased enrolments comes new staff so we welcome the following teachers to our school – Alex (1/2 Learning Space), Shaikhoon (3-6 Learning Space) and Haylie (STEM). We’ve also welcomed Education Support Ling (Admin Coordinator) and welcomed back our Assistant Principal Sam Cunningham.

I’ve enjoyed spending time in our Learning Spaces seeing just how well students have settled in and the terrific work our staff are doing. Our community of learners really has had a brilliant, positive start to the year! Foundation students today made a calm transition to school, showing the benefits of our extensive transition program and work of our Foundation and Transition Teams.

It was terrific to have the opportunity to spend the first two days of 2019 learning with and leading our staff through key priorities within our School Strategic Plan and Annual Implementation Plan. We spent time looking at Co-Teaching, Flexible Learning Spaces, Instructional Practices in Literacy and Numeracy, School Wide Positive Behaviour and Wellbeing processes. These days allow us to really set the focus of our work for the year and bring all staff together with common language, understanding and goals to move forward with.

Meet & Greet – 5pm Wednesday 13th Feb

We will be holding our Staff Meet & Greet from 5pm next Wednesday 13th February. The purpose of the Meet & Greet will be a relaxed chance for staff and our parent community to meet and form connections while exploring our Learning Spaces. This will be followed by a free BBQ, allowing further connections and giving students a chance to enjoy playing on the play equipment. Drinks and non BBQ items for sale at usual prices. We look forward to seeing many of you on the night.

Building Works

As many of you will have noticed we haven’t had the significant works occur over the summer break that had been planned. As a result of these delays, works will now be carried out over the term ahead. ALL asbestos removal will take place when the school is empty over the weekend. Demolition and services works will take place at various times over the term. As works are ongoing, it means some areas of the school are off limits – please do not enter any area behind temporary fencing. All members of our community are asked to be mindful of the works and remain away from any tradespeople on site so that works can be completed as soon as possible. Temporary student toilets have been brought on site and will be open as soon as they are safe to use. Temporary drinking fountains and a tap have been installed near the sandpit and are already available for use. Remember a short term inconvenience will result in an absolutely amazing school for everyone into the future.

Breakfast Club

We’re very excited that our Free Breakfast Club is again operating this year. Our Breakfast Club is open to all students from 8.30am-8.55am Monday-Friday and is FREE! Students can visit the canteen each morning and enjoy some yummy breakfast with the company of their friends, volunteers and staff. A reminder that if your child doesn’t need breakfast, then they can arrive from 8.45am to play in the yard once supervision commences.

Parents and caregivers are very powerful figures in influencing the behaviours and attitudes of their children. If you have questions, feedback or are experiencing any difficulties please don’t hesitate in calling, emailing or come and have a chat with Sam C, Sam F or myself.


Kris White

#GlengalaPROUD Principal