Glengala Gazette – Issue #10

The last two weeks have been very busy as we settle into Term Two, with two shorter weeks due to Easter and ANZAC Day on Tuesday.  I would like to commend our School Captains, Hamda and Nawkothelu for the respectful Remembrance Service they ran on Monday for ANZAC Day.  Unfortunately the weather meant that we could not be outside, however I think that the solemnity and meaning of the day was well expressed by our school leaders.


Congratulations to our Year 3 students who recorded 100% attendance last week, the first week of term.  Congratulations also to our 5/6 Learning Space who had the best monthly attendance for March.  They won our Attendance Cup and enjoyed an out of uniform day today.  Let’s see which Learning Space can win this month! The winner of the April Attendance Cup will be announced at assembly this Monday.  Our goal is Every Student, Every Day!  Attending school every day gives your child the best chance for learning and developing their social skills.

School Dental Visit

Today all students in the school have participated in a 30 minute oral health session, learning about the importance of taking care of our teeth.  Last week we sent home a School Dental permission form for your child.  If you have Medicare Child Dental Benefits, your child’s treatment may be covered.  Those not eligible for dental benefits can be seen as private patients by the visiting dentist.  Please return your completed form if you would like your child to attend the School Dental program, which will run from May 10 to 15th.  Forms MUST be returned by May 1st (next Monday).

Responsible Pet Ownership

Prep to Year 2 students will attend a session on Responsible Pet Ownership next Friday, May 5th.  During this session, they will learn about pets and how to care for them, and how to approach an animal safely.  An information note about the program will be sent to parents of Prep – Year 2 students.


NAPLAN will be conducted from 9th – 11th of May.  NAPLAN provides a ‘point in time’ snapshot of your child’s academic progress in the tested areas.  It does not provide information about all areas of learning, or your childs social and emotional development.  All students in Years 3 and 5 are expected to participate in NAPLAN.  If you have any questions or concerns about your child undertaking NAPLAN, please contact Sam Fleming, Chris Sacco or myself.

As always, if you have any feedback, questions or concerns, please feel free to contact myself, Kris or Sam Fleming.

Samantha Cunningham

Assistant Principal