Glengala Gazette – Issue #13


Congratulations to our Year 3 students who recorded the best attendance in the school, with 91% of students attending every day of the week.  Our attendance goal is Every Student, Every Day!  Attending school every day gives your child the best chance for learning and developing their social skills.

Whilst we understand that sometimes your child cannot attend school – for example when they are sick or have an unavoidable appointment, it is not OK to be away for birthdays or shopping trips, or other similar reasons.

If your child is away, you must provide an explanation for their absence IN WRITING upon their return.  This can be done via a written note, an email to the school email address ( or by using the Schoolstream app on your phone.  At the end of each month, a letter will be sent home noting any unexplained absences, which you will need to explain in writing and send back to school.  Ongoing unexplained absences may be referred to the Department of Education for further investigation.  If you or your family need support to help improve your child’s attendance, please contact Kris or myself to discuss how we can assist you.

Breakfast and Lunch Programs

We are proud to be associated with Food Bank and the Eat Up lunch programs, which enable us to offer Breakfast and Lunch to students free of charge.  Breakfast Club runs every morning from 8.30 am in the canteen foyer.  All students are welcome.

For students requiring lunch, a cheese or vegemite sandwich and a snack can be provided free of charge.  If you need lunch to be supplied for your child, please feel free to call the school, email me on or contact us through messenger on our Facebook page.   Your child can also let their teacher know at the start of the day, and lunch will be delivered with the lunch orders to your child’s Learning Space.

School Dental Visit

Last week, many of our students had a check up with the School Dental van.  Treatment plans and costings were sent home with to all students.  If you have Medicare Child Dental Benefits, your child’s treatment may be covered with no cost to you.  If you wish to have the dentists carry out the recommended treatment outlined in their treatment plan, please sign the form and return to the office by Friday June 2nd.  The School Dental van will return on June 13th for four days to complete Phase 2 of treatments.

Child Safe Standards

We are in the process of updating our website to include the school’s Child Safe Standards documentation.  All adults in our school community (staff, contractors and parents) have a responsibility to ensure our children are safe from harm caused by abuse.  Please read the documentation and feel free to contact me if you have any questions or need clarification about the Child Safe Standards.

As always, if you have any feedback, questions or concerns, please feel free to contact myself, Kris or Sam Fleming.

Samantha Cunningham

Assistant Principal