Glengala Gazette – Issue #14

Election Day BBQ Thank You

Thank you to families and staff who volunteered time from their Saturday to help man the BBQ on election day.   Special mention to the following parents who gave their time and commitment; Lisa Driver, Aisha Aboulfadil, Sarah, Rachel Laffey and Marie Soriano for manning canteen sales, BBQ cooking and the dreaded slicing of the onions.  Special thanks to our super active community member Angela from Kelly Club who volunteered all day.  And to the staff who donated time and efforts on the day; Kate, Vin, Rania, Geraldine, Danielle, Josie, Claire, Ling, Kellie, Sam F and Kris.  Thank you to all who came to buy a democracy sausage or our super yummy BIG Breakfast.  Our efforts raised over $500. Our next fundraising opportunity is only 2 weeks away on Sunday 2nd June, a Bunnings BBQ at Sunshine Bunnings.  If you can spare an hour to help man the stall please contact Kellie, or Ling in the office.  Any time is greatly appreciated.

Education Week – Careers Dress Up Day

It was such fun to see so many students dressed in an outfit that they may wear for a chosen career. We saw many actors, rock stars, doctors and nurses, trades people and teachers! It is now popular belief that people may have up to 8 careers in their lives.  Students worked in their Learning Spaces to brainstorm what they might like to do and what careers mean to them in the afternoon.   Celebrating 75yrs of Education Week through recognising possible careers helps students to set goals, and plan for their future.  And it’s always fun to dress up!


NAPLAN has been completed today with the testing period officially finishing tomorrow.  The Year 3 and 5 students need to be commended on their attitude and perseverance with sitting the tests. We firmly believe that a child is more than the sum of any NAPLAN testing; it can not measure how well a child can kick a ball, build in Minecraft, care for animals, be a good friend, and be kind.  It is but one test on one day for 40 minutes.


This week we have seen the first of our yearly Book Fairs.  Students and families are encouraged to attend Book Fair and purchase a book to add to their home library collection.  A percentage of all sales is returned to the school, to use to purchase more books.

School Pick-up and Drop off Times Safety

Please ensure to note the road signs for parking and speed when travelling around the school.  The council parking officers have been around, and will continue to patrol and issue fines for cars found parking outside of appropriate areas, or not observing road rules.   Parents who are picking up children at the road side, please come to a complete stop before allowing children to open car doors, and not stop opposite solid lines, or within the crossing zone.


Mudford Street gate is now open for all bike and scooter traffic to use to enter and exit the school grounds. Bikes and scooters can be stored along the fence on the concrete pad at the top of the carpark. The gate on Mudford St will be open from early each morning for Kelly Club families and Breakfast Club attendance and then locked during school hours, reopened at 3pm for school leavers and Kelly Club family pick-ups.   We ask all bike and scooter traffic to use this gate to enter and exit the school grounds to help keep pedestrian traffic safe at the Talintyre Rd entrance.  It is also expected that all bike and scooter users will dismount and walk beside their vehicles when on school property.

We also would like to take this opportunity to remind families that the road laws require all bike and scooter riders to wear a helmet when riding on all roads, footpaths, recreational areas and carparks. More information can be found on the Vic Roads website.   


Sam Fleming

Acting Assistant Principal