Glengala Gazette – Issue #15

Staffing Update

This week two of our staff, Claire Tarrant and Diana Popovska secured ongoing employment with us. This is terrific news for our students, staff and community as we will all benefit from their passion, knowledge and dedication for years to come.

Also this week Alex Firth secured employment with us for the remainder of the year. We’re excited to have Alex continue in the 1/2 Learning Space giving consistency in the teaching & learning program.

Grant Mussel, our 3-6 Team Leader has requested and had approved a leave of absence for 12 months. While we advertise and fill this vacancy Samantha Cunningham will be working and supporting the 3-6 Team as Team Leader and teaching within the 3-6 Learning Space. Sam has outstanding teaching & learning, curriculum and behaviour management knowledge and skills demonstrated over many years working as Assistant Principal of our school. Sam will lead Nikki, Vin, Claire & Shaikhoon in working with students in the 3-6 Learning Space to maintain our focus on student growth and continued achievement at point of need.


Thank you to the students and families who have returned swimming permission forms for our program commencing on Tuesday 11th June. We have a small number of places left at each year level. If you are still interested please complete the permission note and send to school with payment ASAP. Places will be located on a first come basis until all places are filled. Absolute final day for notices and payments will be next Tuesday 4th June.

Semester 1 Reports

Semester 1 student reports will be made available directly through COMPASS on Monday afternoon in the last week of this term. If you require a printed report, you will need to request this through the office before Thursday 20th June. Information regarding 3 Way Conferences will be sent home soon.

Traffic Issues

Like most schools we have issues with traffic around our school during peak times. We are aware that council have been visiting and issuing fines to people not following parking rules. It is critical that as adults we show responsibility and safety when driving around schools particularly at the start and end of the school day. If everyone obeyed the road rules and parking restrictions I’m sure that our problems would be greatly reduced and the safety of our students greatly increase.

An idea to alleviate some of the congestion could be for families to allow their children to walk to and from school in groups. One or two adults could act as a ‘walking leader’ for all the children in your street/area. Families could take turns to be the leader, children would get valuable exercise, reduce traffic around our school and add to the terrific sense of community we have at Glengala Primary School.

We would also encourage students to ride or scooter to school and lock their bikes/scooters on our fence/racks at the Mudford St entry to our school. A reminder if your child rides or scooters to school they need to show responsibility and respect for the law by wearing a helmet. Helmets provide the best safety for your child’s head if they fall off their bike or scooter on the way to or from school.

School Tours & Enrolments

Tours of our wonderful school for families interested in enrolling their child in 2020 have already begun. If you would like a tour, have friends or neighbours who would like a tour please contact the school to book a place.  If you have a child due to start in 2020 please complete your enrolment and drop it off at the front office. Should you know of a child due to start school in 2020 please remind their parents to hand their enrolment forms in too.

If you have questions, feedback or are experiencing any difficulties please don’t hesitate to contact either Sam, Sam or myself via phone, sending us an email or come and have a chat.


Kris White