Glengala Gazette – Issue #16

Bunning’s BBQ Thank You

Thank you to families and staff who volunteered time from their Sunday to help man the BBQ at Bunnings.  We made over $1100. Special mention to the following parents and community members who gave their time and commitment; Lisa, Chantelle, Jimmy, Michael, Tim, Sarah, Thao, Marie, Zainab, Jodi, Thuy and Angela. And to the staff who donated time and efforts on the day; Kate, Vin, Josie, Elise, Susie, Geraldine, Kellie, Diana, Sam C, Sam F and Kris.

Curriculum Day

Last Friday whilst students enjoyed a leisurely day snuggled up at home, staff were hard at work on Goal 2 of our School Strategic Plan and Annual Implementation Plan.    This goal and its associated Key Improvement Strategies have us focusing on building consistent Planning Documentation across the school.  The staff also collaborated and reflected through Professional Reading on the work of John Hattie.  They also received information on our new curriculum Inquiry resource Mappen and had a chance to familiarise themselves with it.  We look forward to sharing more information in the near future.

Semester 1 Reports

Student achievement reports will be released via COMPASS on Tuesday 26th June.  If you prefer a hard copy printed report, parents are to request this from the office by Wednesday 20th June, to allow time for printing.  Hard copies will be handed out at 3 Way Conferences on Thursday 27th June.

 3 Way Conferences

Parent Teacher Interviews will take the form of a 3 Way Conference on Thursday 27th June.  These are sometimes referred to as Student Led Conferences or Student-Parent-Teacher Conferences.  Over the next few weeks, information will be made available to you on what these will look like and how they differ to the traditional interviews.  The basis of these interviews is to allow students to share their learning with their families, in particular around student reading goals and how they have worked towards them.  We will be opening parent bookings via COMPASS, and Interpreter bookings for families who require them.

Rubbish Free Lunch

The first Tuesday of each month is Rubbish Free Lunch.  This day is being supported through the Environmental School Action Team (Nikki, Claire, Milly, Alex, Gaye and Sam F).  This reccurring event hopes to encourage students and families to think critically about the use of plastic and packaging, and the effects on the environment, and in turn the inclusion of healthy food options for students.

School Pick-up and Drop off Times Safety

Please ensure to note the road signs for parking and speed when travelling around the school.  The council parking officers have been around, and will continue to patrol to issue fines for cars found parking outside of appropriate areas, or not observing road rules.   Parents who are picking up children at the road side please come to a complete stop before allowing children to open car doors, and not stop opposite solid lines, or within the crossing zone.

Sam Fleming

Acting Assistant Principal