Glengala Gazette – Issue #17

I was fortunate enough to spend last week in Sydney at the eduTECH international conference with Chris & Sam. It was a great opportunity to spend time hearing and working with some great speakers in the area and networking with teachers & school leaders. I found three presenters especially beneficial – Dr Carol Dweck (Growth Mindset), Abdul Chohan (Simple & Reliable) & Lee Crockett (Growing Global Digital Citizens). I particularly found their workshops and sessions interesting, engaging and full of practical ideas for implementation at our school.

On Tuesday and Wednesday this week Sam and I attended the South Western Victorian Principals Forum in Melbourne. The forum brought together over 700 Principals, Assistant Principals and regional staff to hear from local and international speakers including Dr Lynn Sharratt (PLC & Faces on the Data), Pr Mary Jean Gallagher (Levers for Successful Improvement) & Rev Tim Costello (Equity & Equality in Australian Classrooms) particularly beneficial.

The conference and forum really highlighted that we are on the right path at Glengala PS and in areas are leading the way with our approach to and the individualising of learning for our students. I’m really looking forward to sharing my learning with staff and students over the coming weeks and continuing to make Glengala PS the best school, providing the best opportunities and best outcome for our kids!

Parent Teacher Interviews

Families will have received a notice letting you know how to book a Parent Teacher Interviews for Semester 1. Please take the time to book an interview time online with the teacher allocated to your child as identified on your letter. Parent Teacher Interviews will occur on Thursday 29th June from 11.45am-7pm. These meetings allow you to meet with the teacher who completed your child’s report and look at their successes in Semester 1 and their next steps in learning for Semester 2. There is no school for students on Thursday 29th of June. Kelly Club Glengala will be open for bookings if you require; please contact them directly on 0423 795 982.

School Tours

Tours of our wonderful school for families interested in enrolling their child in 2018 have begun. Tours will be conducted every Thursday morning at 9.15am until the end of the year or alternatively by appointment. If you would like a tour, have friends or neighbours who would like a tour please contact the school 9311 7810 or to book a place.

School Uniform

Parents and students are reminded that our school has a compulsory school uniform. School uniform items that have been approved by School Council are the only items of clothing that may be worn to school. If you require assistance in purchasing school uniform please come and have a chat with Sam or myself. Please remember that any jackets, beanies or scarves worn at school must be the school uniform items. Leggings or long sleeved tops worn should be dark navy blue and also not have any logos/branding/slogans/patterns with the exception of our school logo.

Uniform items are available for purchase through the office any day of the week at any time the office is open 8.30-4pm. We make sure we keep our uniform prices as low as possible. Found unnamed uniform is stored in the lost property box outside the 1/2 Learning Space in the main building and is free to anyone who would like it. Parents are encouraged to clearly label all uniform items so that they may be returned to your child promptly should it be misplaced.

Planning Week

Teachers have been allocated one day to plan for Term 3 in their teams next week. As a result the regular specialist timetable will be suspended and altered to accommodate the planning week arrangements. Research shows the importance of providing Professional Learning Teams with the opportunities to meet and plan a viable and consistent curriculum. We have observed the value in supporting teachers with this valuable time to meet as a team and develop curriculum plans that fit the needs of our students and the curriculum.

Parents and caregivers are very powerful figures in influencing the behaviours and attitudes of their children. If you have questions, feedback or are experiencing any difficulties please don’t hesitate to give myself or Sam a call, send an email or come and have a chat.

Kris White