Glengala Gazette – Issue #21


Thank you to everyone who have been reinforcing our school wide expectations as highlighted in our newsletter last week. Following work on our curriculum day, we have finalised expectations around Behaviour, Workbooks, Yard Use & Access and Uniform.

As a school community with hundreds of people of varying ages & abilities accessing and using our facilities every day, it is vital to have clearly communicated expectations which are reinforced by all adults. Maintaining high expectations in these areas will lead to a further improvement in our learning environment and ultimately lead to further improved outcomes for our students.

We have included these expectations in the newsletter to further support you in reinforcing these expectations with your children.

All staff will be teaching and reinforcing these expectations moving forward:

Uniform Expectations

At Glengala PS we have a compulsory uniform. We have sourced our uniforms with quality and cost in mind. All items are priced as low as possible to cover our costs. All students are required to be in correct school uniform at all times.

In addition to the expected daily uniform, we also have a school jacket, leggings, scarf and beanie available as additional school uniform items. Students who choose to wear these items are therefore required to wear the school uniform item rather than non-uniform options. If you would like to source your own uniform items, the only acceptable alternatives are items of a solid dark navy blue without logos and writing on them. Students who wish to wear a long-sleeve top under their polo shirt in winter may wear only a dark navy long-sleeve.

A complete uniform list, including current prices, is attached further down in the newsletter. Anyone experiencing difficulty purchasing uniform is asked to contact the front office to determine supports which could be put in place.

If your child needs to attend school out of uniform for any reason, please send a note with your child, email the front office or speak to a member of staff. When any student attends school out of uniform without a note, parents will be notified via Compass.

Yard Use & Access Expectations

At Glengala PS we are extremely fortunate to have a large and extensive yard space. We offer a variety of outdoor play spaces, activities and equipment for use. We expect everyone accessing and using these items/areas to demonstrate our school values of Safety, Respect and Responsibility at all times. Anyone not demonstrating these values will forgo their privileges of accessing and using these items/areas.

The yard can be accessed from 8.45am until 3.30pm during supervised hours. Breakfast Club can be accessed from 8.40am each day for students who require breakfast only. When coming to school please leave your house to arrive from 8.45am, no earlier, unless you have booked and paid to be in our Before School Program Kelly Club. If you require your child to be at school after 3.30pm, you need to book and pay to attend our After School Program Kelly Club.

All of our play equipment can be used by students of all ages. We encourage our students to play safely on the equipment and to make appropriate choices for their skill level and knowledge.

Decked areas of our yard and stairs/ramps are WALKING spaces. These all lead directly from our Learning Spaces and are high use traffic zones. Walking is the only safe and orderly way to use these areas. As these areas directly connect to the buildings, these are also ‘ball-free’ zones.

We do not eat on our play equipment or oval. When eating outside, we need to make use of the various seating options around the decked areas and along the edge of the basketball court. All rubbish should be placed in appropriate bins, where possible before entering the yard.

Learning Spaces are closed during break times unless students are supervised by a staff member. Any clubs using a Learning Space will have a designated entry and exit point and require students to commit to remaining in the club for the entire break time. The areas between and directly in front of the portables are walkway thoroughfares and are not for sitting or playing in. Students will be required to find another place to sit or play if found in these areas.

Soccer matches MUST wait for the yard duty teacher to arrive before students elect an umpire and agree on the rules of the match. Students are not able to join the match once this has occurred. There is NEVER tackling/contact or slide kicks in any of the sports played at school. Students who tackle or make slide kicks will be immediately removed from the game.

School Wide Positive Behaviour Matrix

At Glengala PS we are implementing the School Wide Positive Behaviour Support initiative. As part of this we have extensively consulted with our staff, students and families around the expected behaviours in a variety of spaces in and around our school. Together these form our Positive Behaviour Matrix.

Each of these behaviours is explicitly taught and reinforced across the school for a week. Our Wellbeing Team will announce the behaviour which will be the focus for teaching and positive reinforcing at assembly each week. Students will have the opportunity to be rewarded at an individual, cohort (F, 1/2 & 3-6) and whole school level. Our updated Positive Behaviour Matrix is attached to the newsletter.

Workbook Expectations

Staff have now finalised the Workbook Expectations for the F-2, 3-6 and Specialist areas. Students have these attached inside the front cover of every workbook they have. Students have signed and are required to uphold these expectations whenever they are using their workbooks. Students will be required to repeat work completed in workbooks that does not meet these expectations.

Every Learning Space has a visual display of the Workbook Expectations along with actual examples of what these look like. Over time we will add to these visual displays with real student examples that demonstrate or exceed our Workbook Expectations. We have included a copy of the Workbook Expectations as a separate handout to the newsletter this week. Please take the time to read and reinforce with your children.

If you have questions, feedback or are experiencing any difficulties in relation to our school expectations, or any other area please don’t hesitate in contacting any member of our Principal Class Team by phone, email or in person.

Samantha Cunningham                                  Sam Fleming                                       Kris White

Assistant Principal                                          Assistant Principal                          Principal