Glengala Gazette – Issue #25


What a terrific few weeks we’ve had at Glengala PS! So many opportunities to see our PROUD traits being displayed by students, staff and parents.


I constantly see examples of positivity across our school. Some of the best examples of the POSITIVE trait have been displayed with our entire community’s POSITIVE attitude while we’ve been living in temporary buildings, having less yard space and enduring the noise of our building program.


I saw great RESILIENCE from our students when they tried their best in being selected for our Athletics team however missed out on being selected. Students showed they were RESILIENT by not becoming devastated by this, seeing it as a challenge to improve the next time they have an opportunity.


I saw wonderful examples of being OPEN MINDED as our community warmly welcomed our new Therapy Dog Hugo over the last 2 weeks.


I saw a marvellous example of our UNITED community when we all came together to celebrate each and every student in our school at our recent School Concert. It was wonderful that we could find time to UNITE and recognise the hard work students have been putting in over the year.


I saw impressive examples of embracing the DIVERSITY of our school when we explored the wide range of extra curricula activities we provide at our school. From being crafty to sporty, enjoying gardening or dancing, challenging our minds with chess or yoga, being creative with Lego or discovering new worlds with reading in the LLC and there’s even our newly established Uno club!

2020 Enrolments

Enrolments for 2020 students are now being taken. If you have any children who will be attending Glengala in 2020 or know of any families with 5 year old children, please call or visit the school to receive enrolment information as soon as possible. It is important for planning purposes that all 2020 students are enrolled as soon as possible.

Our final Information Session for 2020 enrolments is next Wednesday 28th at 6pm.

School Wide Positive Behaviour Support FocusI Always Keep Up to Date.

As the focus areas are for all members of our community we thought we would add some fun by rewarding every parent who visits the front office and shows Kellie or Ling that you have our school Compass app downloaded and logged in with a raffle ticket. We will also give a raffle ticket to every family who update/confirm their details on Compass. Raffle tickets will be entered into a special FAMILY prize draw which will be drawn at assembly on Friday 30th August.

Supervision in the Yard

A reminder that teachers do not begin Yard Supervision until 8.45am, in line with the current employment agreement with the Department of Education.  This means that students arriving earlier than this time will not be supervised in the yard, and are instead expected to book in and attend our Before School Care program conducted by Kelly Club. Our FREE Breakfast Club program starts at 8.40am in the canteen foyer for students who need breakfast. Similarly, students remaining at school after 3.30 pm will be directed to the After School Care program.  Costs for Kelly Club are very reasonable, and enrolment forms are available from the office or online.

If you have questions, feedback or are experiencing any difficulties in relation to our school expectations, or any other area please don’t hesitate contacting any member of our Principal Class Team, Sam C, Sam F or myself by phone, email or in person.

Kris White