Glengala Gazette- Issue #30

Welcome back to Term 4.  It’s been great hearing about our student and communities breaks from school ready for our busy final term of 2019.  It has been great settling into our new Office Admin and Staff facilities in the new building.  A huge thank you to Josie, Kate, Kellie, Ling, Sam C & Sam F for giving their time during the break to help with the moving and setting up of these spaces.  Again, I thank everyone in our community for their flexibility and cooperation during the rebuild; it would seem that most of the disruption is now complete!  Smaller works will be completed over the coming weeks in preparation for our Foundation, Year 1 and Year 2 students to move to their new Learning Spaces either this term or for the start of the 2020 school year.  We are very fortunate to have had a complete rebuild in just 2 years!

Other works completed over the break have included some soft-fall added to the play equipment areas, electrical works, removal of the temporary toilets & fencing and final preparation for the tendering process for the new basketball court and retaining edge works for the play equipment area.

2020 Planning

Planning for next year has well and truly started and is a complex process, requiring accurate information.  Number of staff, specialist programs and all budget areas are based on student numbers.  Classroom allocations are also based on accurate numbers, with our rebuild we have 8 regular classroom spaces. Should our numbers require more, we need ample time to submit a facilities request to the Department.

For this reason we ask if you have a child or know of someone with a child due to commence school in 2020 or would like to transfer to our school in 2020, who live in our zone, please collect and complete an enrolment form as soon as possible.  Additionally, if you know your child is not returning to Glengala in 2020 (other than current Year 6 students), please notify the school as soon as possible.  Notification is required in writing to the office, not verbally through Learning Space teachers.

Staffing News

At the end of last term, we concluded our recruitment process for an additional person in our Office Admin Team.  I’m pleased to announce that Valerie Corso secured this position after successfully completing the merit-based selection process for this position.  Valerie joins us from a similar sized and demographic school with experience working in both the classroom and office admin spaces.  Valerie will be working full-time so please feel free to drop by the office and introduce yourself between 8.40am-4:00pm when our front office is open.

World Teachers’ Day

Show your appreciation for our wonderful teachers by celebrating World Teachers’ Day on Friday 25th October.  Celebrated in over 100 countries, World Teachers’ Day acknowledges the multi-skilled professionals who lead our children in learning and recognise their efforts in an increasingly complex and technological society.  It is a day on which children, parents and community members can demonstrate their appreciation for the contributions that teachers have made to their community.

Term 4 Events

Term 4 is always a busy term at school in general in the lead up to the end of year and Christmas. To allow parents/guardians plenty of notice and a chance to put events in their calendar, please see some of our bigger events for the term highlighted below. As usual, known future events are listed in our dates to remember on the front page of our newsletter and the calendar on Compass.

Ongoing Over Term 4:

Every Friday Afternoon            Year 6 Zooper Dooper Graduation Fundraising

Week 3:

Mon-Fri 21-25th Oct                 JSC Bandana Sales

Friday 25th Oct                          World Teachers’ Day

Grandparents Morning (JSC)

Week 5:

Monday 4th Nov                        Student Free Day

Tuesday 5th Nov                        Melbourne Cup Public Holiday

Friday 8th Nov                           Foundation – Year 2 Sleepover

Friday 8th Nov                           Foundation Fairytale Incursion

Week 6:

Mon 11-Fri 15th Nov                 Book Fair

Week 8:

Friday 29th Nov                       Life Education Van

Week 9:

Sunday 1st Dec                        Bunnings BBQ Fundraiser

Monday 2nd Dec                     Life Education Van

Wednesday 4th Dec               Years 1/2 Scienceworks Excursion

Friday 6th Dec                        Years 3-6 Scienceworks Excursion

Week 10:

Tuesday 10th Dec                  Whole School Transition

2020 Foundation Meet the Teacher Session

Year 6 Graduation

Statewide Year 6 to Year 7 Transition Day

Thursday 12th Dec                Volunteers Thank You Afternoon Tea 1:45pm

Friday 13th Dec                     Freaky Friday Dress Up Fundraiser (JSC)

Week 11:

Monday 16th Dec                  Christmas Carols

Tuesday 17th Dec                  Semester 2 Student Reports released on Compass

Thursday 19th Dec               Learning Space Celebrations/Parties

Friday 20th Dec                    Last Student Day & Final Assembly

If you have questions, feedback or are experiencing any difficulties, please don’t hesitate to give any member of the Principal Team a call, send us an email or come and have a chat.


Kris White