Glengala Gazette – Issue #36

2018 Enrolments

If you know of any families who may be interested in enroling at our wonderful school please encourage them to contact the school as soon as possible as we have limited places remaining for 2018. If you are planning on relocating at the end of this year and not returning to Glengala Primary School please let the school know by completing an exit slip at the office by Friday 1st of December.

Book Fair & Buy the School a Book Thank You

Huge thanks to the many families who supported our Reading Rainforest Book Fair last week. We had a terrific turnout at every session with almost $1800 raised. Also pleasing was a number of families who supported our ‘Buy the School a Book’ fundraiser. This allowed families to select and purchase a book from book fair to be donated to our school Library Learning Centre. Books will be processed and available for borrowing shortly. You will be able to easily identify books purchased through this program by the handprint thank you message on the inside cover. We plan to hold this fundraising opportunity at all future Book Fairs and hope we see many families continue to support this initiative.

Parent Opinion Survey

Last term more than 50 randomly selected Glengala Primary School families were invited to participate anonymously in the DET annual Parent Opinion Survey. Questions in this year’s survey were different to previous years so we have no comparison either to ourselves or to state averages but we have been impressed with the results and very pleased that our families continue to have such a positive view of our school. I was particularly pleased to note that 100% of the parents responded that:

  • teachers are enthusiastic and positive about teaching,
  • their child enjoys the learning they do at school,
  • the school gives their child opportunities to participate in school activities.

97% of parents responded that:

  • their child feels safe at school,
  • their child has been supported this year to adjust to his/her new year level,
  • the school provides opportunities for my child to develop a sense of responsibility,
  • their child feels motivated by his/her teachers to learn,
  • the school celebrates student achievements in all areas.

Areas to focus our improvement include:

  • this school has a strong relationship with the local community – 69% positive
  • my child is taught organisational skills to help him/her with managing homework and schoolwork load – 71% positive

Thank you very much to all of the families who responded to this year’s survey. Your views are important to us and assist us in developing our School Strategic & Annual Implementation Plans.

Carols Evening – 18th December

Come along and join us for our last and often biggest whole school event for the year – our Carols Evening. Bring your rug & small beach chairs along with your singing voices and enjoy a lovely low-key end of year celebration with the school community. A variety of food and drinks along with some Christmas gifts will be on sale from 5pm with Carols commencing at 6pm.


We’re proud to operate in a true co-teaching model at Glengala PS. Since the introduction of this teaching model we have seen positive outcomes for students and staff. Each co-teaching Learning Space will generally have an average of three educators responsible for teaching & learning as well as student welfare. This model also allows students to connect with a variety of educators. Co-teaching allows us to provide additional support to our students and leads to greater outcome for students as it increases opportunities of small group and one-to-one learning, and stronger modelling during lessons. The planning process encourages teachers to bounce ideas off each other in order to deliver the strongest, most creative lessons. It also naturally allows for feedback and reflection of teacher practice – one of the best ways to improve our effectiveness. If you would like to see co-teaching in action, we have our weekly Open Hour from 2.15pm every Friday.

As always if you have any questions, concerns or general feedback please don’t hesitate to come and have a chat, send us an email or give us a call.

Kris White