Glengala Gazette – Issue #40

Year 6 Graduation Congratulations and Celebrations
Tuesday night was a fantastic evening for our Year 6 Graduation. It was lovely to see all the families and loved ones come to celebrate their children’s achievements in our new amphitheater built through School Council. It was a pleasure to experience Graduation from the parent perspective, with my son graduating, and I must say although emotional, it was a very proud moment. I am sure I share your deepest gratitude to the staff who worked tirelessly to prepare both the school environment and the students for this big life event. Thank you to Josie for organising the Graduation as it requires year-long preparation and takes considerable effort to have such a seamlessly run event. Thanks also to Diana for her work in The Arts to support the student performances and to the Learning Space team of Grant, Claire, Elise (as MC), Vin, Gaye and Hang for supporting students as their teachers. It was great to see the students celebrate with their teachers. A big thanks also to the support crew who helped to set up and pack up the evening, and also to the staff who attended to support and celebrate our students success, thank you – Louise, Rania, Milly, Nikki, Kate, Vin, Elise, Claire, Grant, Hang, Gaye, Diana, Phoebe, Susie, Josie, Kellie, Jenny, Kathy, Danielle, Andrew, Dean, Rita and Kris. The effort put in by staff to create this magical event is enormous at a very busy time of year, we are grateful for their commitment to our students. Thank you to Aisha our School Council President for her kind words and to Katie Hall our new local Member of Parliament who also attended and continues to be a strong supporter of our school. Our gratitude is extended to Susan Alberti AC who continues to support our school community through her generous scholarships awards. Our award winners for 2018 were announced;

Susan Alberti AC Scholarship Winners -Teanna and Mia, RSL Scholarship Award Winner – Myles, Citizenship Award Winner – Daniel

General Academic Award Winner -Nadia, Literacy Award Winner- Pau, Numeracy Award Winner – Achok

We would also like to thank the Lions Club of Sunshine for their generous donation which has been used to support the special lunch on Monday. Most importantly thank you to the families who have entrusted us with the care and education of your children. We are sure the Year 6 students are looking forward to their continued celebrations next week with their Big Day Out and Special Lunch.

End of Year Reports – Released Tuesday 18th December
End of year student reports will be made available directly through COMPASS during the last week of term. If you require a printed report, you will need to request this through the office before the end of term.  Volunteer Thank You Celebrations Tomorrow Our volunteer morning tea will take place tomorrow, Friday 14th December at 11.15am in the staff room. We appreciate all our volunteer’s efforts and commitment to helping out in many different ways across the school. Please join us to enjoy a delicious token of our appreciation.

Friday Assembly Time Change Tomorrow’s assembly will commence at 2.45pm sharpas we are providing our Semester 2 Award nominees with their certificates.

Moving On Up Sessions – Last one next week
Each Wednesday we offer all our students the opportunity to “Move On Up” to their next year level for one hour. This supports our students to become more familiar with new students in their peer group, build relationships with staff and, in some cases, move Learning Spaces. We find that this extended supported transition also helps new students to connect to their new school and feel welcome into the #GlengalaPROUD family.

Rebuild Information We have been delivered with draft plans for Stage 2. We are looking forward to sharing these with School Council tomorrow. Demolition is scheduled to take place over the January holidays.

We have access to a fantastic online communication tool COMPASS which enables us to have a one-stop-shop for our school-home communication needs. If you don’t already have access to COMPASS, feel free to come to the office and ask for your unique username and password for access.

2019 Enrolments & School Tours
Enrolment Tours are every week Thursday 9.15am. Please call the office to book a place.As always, if you have any concerns or celebrations you wish to share please come and see myself or Kris any time.

Sam Fleming

Acting Assistant Principal