Glengala Gazette – Issue #6

3-6 Camp

Our campers are halfway through their City Camp, and we have been informed by Kate that they are having many amazing experiences, including visiting the Shrine of Remembrance, Eureka Skydeck, Ice-skating and a tour of the Big Issue. A reminder that they will be returning to Sunshine Station at 2.00pm on Friday; please ensure that you are there on time to pick them up, and remember to sign them out with their Homegroup teacher.

Thanks for the Welcome Back!

As some of you may be aware, I returned to Glengala Primary School this year, after 18 months working in the Department of Education central office in the city. This was a great experience, where I learnt a lot about how decisions are made for the education system in Victoria, and the research and work that underpins the initiatives that the Department has released over the last two years. I am very excited to be back at school, and use my experiences from this time to support our students, teachers and community. I’ve been heartened by the warm welcome back that I have received from students and families, and am enjoying meeting the new students who have become part of the Glengala Family during my absence.


This term we have implemented a new initiative called NumeracyBOOST, to support and extend our students’ learning in mathematics. Similar to the LiteracyBOOST program that Sam F outlined in the newsletter last week, NumeracyBOOST is being trialled in the 3-6 Learning Space, Monday to Thursday during Term 1.

During the numeracy block (11.40am – 12.40pm Monday to Thursday), Bec, Haylie, Geraldine, Hang, Jenny Gaye and Sam C join the Learning Space teachers, Grant, Nikki, Shaikhoon, Vin and Claire, enabling smaller, more targeted teaching groups to extend student learning. During Term 1, the focus has been on consolidating students’ understanding of place value concepts and investigating problem solving strategies for working with worded problems. If you have any questions, ask your child about their experiences with the 3-6 NumeracyBOOST initiative, or feel free to come and have a chat with Sam C or Grant.

At Glengala PS, we value the contributions and ideas from all members of our community. If you have any questions, suggestions or ideas please feel free to contact myself, Sam F or Kris. #GlengalaPROUD

Sam Cunningham

Assistant Principal