Glengala Gazette – Issue #9

Welcome back for Term Two.  It was great to see our families return healthy and happy from our Term One break.

Staffing Update

We would like to welcome Paul Shaw to the 5/6 Learning Space, joining Josie and Jenny, in the dynamic and energetic 5/6 Learning Space team.  Paul is thrilled to be joining our school.  Paul comes to us from several years teaching 5/6 at Toolern Vale & Sydenham Hillside Primary Schools.  Paul replaces Reem who notified us late on the second last day of Term One that she has taken a short term contract at Deer Park.  Paul will be commencing on Wednesday next week.  Feel free to pop past, meet Paul and introduce yourself to him.

Yesterday we said a sad farewell to our Business Manager Caroline.  Caroline has been at Glengala PS for the past two and a half years.  This week she was successfully appointed as the Business Manager at Findon Primary School, near South Morang, which is much closer to home for her. We thank Caroline for her service and wish her all the best for her new adventure.

Life Long Learners

Staff at Glengala are passionate about education for their students, our community and for each other.  It is important that we continue to grow and learn to keep our skills fresh and up to date with all the current theories and evidence-based programs on offer in education.   Currently we have a number of staff undertaking a range of professional development opportunities.  Gaye, Sarah, James, Elise, Sam C and I have all recently completed a 10 week Understanding Dyslexia Course.  Elise is currently undertaking an Aspiring Leaders course through the Bastow Institute. You can find out more about their learning throughout the newsletter.

Instructional Model

What is an instructional model?  You might hear schools and people in education talk about instructional models.  An instructional model is the concept of how teaching and learning is designed and planned.  At Glengala we utilise Robert Marzano’s Art and Science of Teaching to guide how we plan, implement and evaluate our curriculum programs.

On Monday the 29th of May we will again be hosting Dr Janelle Wills who is the Director of the Mazano Institute in Australia.  Janelle will be working with all staff through Dr Mazano’s Instructional Model.  Monday the 29th May will be a Curriculum Day.  Students do not attend school on this day.  Contact Kelly Club if outside school care is required on this day.

Congratulations and Welcome

Congratulations to Skye C’s family and to Rhys G’s family on the safe arrival of new babies over the holidays.   We also welcome some new families to the Glengala Community with Han joining the 5/6 Learning Space and Meryem the Prep Learning Space.

If you have questions, feedback or are experiencing any difficulties please don’t hesitate to contact either Sam C, Kris or myself via phone, sending us an email or come and have a chat.

Sam Fleming

Acting Assistant Principal