Child Safe Standards

Everyone in society has a moral responsibility to keep children safe and to protect them from harm and abuse.  The Victorian Government is committed to the safety and wellbeing of all children and young people.  As part of the Victorian Government’s commitment to implementing the recommendations of the Betrayal of Trust Report, which found that more must be done to prevent and respond to child abuse in our community, Ministerial Order 870 was declared, and guidelines for schools were released, framed by the new PROTECT Child Safe Standards.

The Child Safe Standards are compulsory minimum standards for all Victorian early childhood services and schools, to ensure they are well prepared to protect children from abuse and neglect (reference: Department of Education 2016).

At Glengala Primary School, we have developed policies and guidelines to support staff and the community to keep our children safe, and uphold the Child Safety Standards legislated by the Victorian Government.   We ensure that all students can learn in an environment that is safe and supportive and have adopted the Child Safe Standards as part of our everyday practice.  The attached documents provide further information about the Child Safe Standards, and parent information in a range of languages to assist you to understand the new laws.

Parent and Student Information

Click on the links below to access information about protecting our children from harm in English or a range of other languages.