3/4 Learning Space

The 3/4 Learning Space marks the transition from early years of learning into the senior levels of primary school.  We work closely with our students to support their academic and social growth, providing a holistic and caring education for them.  We form a tight-knit, close community of learning.


Students are individually monitored for placement in differentiated learning programs provided through our learning pods. This terms foci link to our Goals, Games and Gold Inquiry learning through the exploration of people in sport, information reports, biographies and poetry linked to national pride. We will be making connections to ourselves, texts we read and the world around us. We will be building our vocabularies with technical vocabulary that relates to our inquiry.


English in the 3/4 Learning Space offers a range of exciting, hands on and highly engaging learning activities. This term, every student will participate in a Literacy Intervention program specific to their individual needs. Focused individual spelling, grammar and punctuation instruction is also provided through explicit teaching and whole, small, whole approaches, targeted at students areas of need.


With the 2016 Rio Olympic Games upon us the 3/4 Learning Space is exploring the essential question of, how does setting goals make you successful? Students are linking their learning to the areas of English, Mathematics, ICT and Geography to build understandings of why people commit to sport, what a goal is and how people become successful. Students are working towards developing skills that allow them to be a responsible and active member of a team, identify places around the world using maps and describing locations by being collaborative, responsible, resilient and having a positive mindset. This term we are participating in a Western Bulldogs AFL clinic and a two week swimming water safety program.


Students are going for gold in maths this term by graphing results, tallying and timing whilst also exploring different Olympic events. In maths, learners will explore fractions and decimals and will be participating in hands on and real life problem solving incorporating the iPads and other technology. Our new class set of iPads will allow us to explore Mathletics and other topoic areas in a more engaging way.