School Policies at Glengala Primary School

Current Policies

These policies have been ratified by School Council and are currently implemented in the school.

Anaphylaxis Policy:  Anaphylaxis Policy 2021

Asthma Policy : Asthma Policy 2019

Asthma Attacks Policy: Asthma Attacks Policy 2019

Attendance Policy :  Attendance Policy 2019

Bully Prevention Policy: Bully Prevention Policy 2019

Child Safe Standard Code of Conduct Policy: Child Safe Standard Code of Conduct Policy 2019

Child Safety Reporting Obligations Policy: Child Safety Reporting Obligations Policy 2019

Duty of Care Policy: Duty of Care Policy 2019

First Aid Policy: First Aid Policy 2019

School Dog Policy:  School Dog Policy 2019

Statement of Values and School Philosophy Policy: Statement of Values and School Philosophy Policy 2019

Student Engagement and Well Being Policy:Student Engagement and Well Being Policy 2019

Visitors Policy: Visitors Policy 2019

Volunteers Policy: Volunteers Policy 2019

Uniform and Dress Code Policy: Uniform and Dress Code Policy 2019

Yard and Supervision Policy : Yard and Supervision Policy 2019