Specialists Learning Space

Physical Education

In Term 2 2017 our Prep students will continue with their Perceptual Motor Program (PMP) as a strategy to assist with the development of gross motor skills and therefore assist with the development of fine motor skills, essential in the learning of reading and writing. Our 1/2 Learning Space will develop their knowledge about movement skills and healthy eating. Our 3/4 Learning Space will focus on fair rules when engaging in sports. Our 5/6 Learning Space will run drills and practice around the games of Netball and Newcomb Ball. They will train to be involved in Winter Interschool Sports and Cross Country.

The Arts

Our focus for The Arts in Term 2 2017 is around Visual Arts. Our Prep learners will be engaged in investigational art. Students will explore different types of paints, how colours mix and the use of different pencil densities and textures. Our 5/6 learners will focus on Pop Art. Within the Visual Arts our 1/2 learners will work with experimental art. Experimenting with different materials.


Throughout Science in Term 2 2017 our Prep Learning Space will be developing their understanding of ecosystems and how they relate to plants and insects. For example: Bees for pollination. Our 1/2 & 3/4 Learning Spaces will explore Gardening and utilise our Urban Garden. Our 5/6 Learning space will be learning about renewable energy.

Digital Technologies

Throughout Digital Technologies in Term 2 2017 our 5/6 Learning Space will be learning how to manage the creation and communication of ideas, information and digital projects collaboratively using validated data and agreed protocols. They will identifying and collecting data to design and create algorithms that solve problems. Our 3/4 Learning Space will explore how the same data sets can be represented in different ways. They will collect and manipulate different data sets when creating information and digital solutions. Our 1/2 Learning Space will use digital systems to represent single patterns of data in different ways and collect familiar data to display them to convey meaning.