Welcome to our School

Glengala Primary School is a small but growing primary school of approximately 150 students located in Sunshine West. We have just completed an entire school rebuild, with a Grounds Master Plan currently in development.

In late 2018 we opened our state of the art Year 3 – 6 Learning Space, Library Learning Centre & Multipurpose Learning Space. In late 2019 our brand new Foundation and 1/2 Learning Spaces, The Arts Learning Space along with Office Admin and Staffing facilities were opened. The development of positive and supportive relationships with students and their families forms the basis of all our work. We are a school where students can learn and grow in a supportive, respectful and inclusive environment.

We pride ourselves on being an inclusive and progressive school community. Our school community embraces over 30 different cultures, various family configurations/types, has a number of families that receive support from the government and students who are funded under the Program for Students with Disabilities. We operate a free breakfast club 5 days a week and have access to free lunches and food hampers for families.

Currently our school operates 4 co-teaching Learning Spaces – Foundation, Year 1/2, Year 3/4 and Year 5/6. Our Learning Spaces are supported by the specialist areas of The Arts and Health and Physical Education. All Learning Spaces also teach Resilience Rights & Respectful Relationships. eLearning is well resourced across the school and supported in Learning Spaces through access to a technician and iPads, large portable screens with AppleTV, laptops, robotics, 3D printers and other devices. Our Year 3/4 and 5/6 Learning Spaces operate in a school provided 1:1 iPad learning environment.

We have a combination of recently graduated and experienced staff members who are friendly, approachable, diverse and committed to achieving the best learning outcomes for all of our students. We work in a true co-teaching environment, with creative use of teaching spaces across our school, requiring collective responsibility for the entire cohort of students at each multi-age year level.

Our staff proactively develop positive mental health and wellbeing by promoting relationships and a sense of belonging for all. We are a Respectful Relationships lead school and are a blue level School Wide Positive Behaviour Support school. We have our own Wellbeing Team of professionals including a Social Worker, Teacher and ES. We access the support of Student Support Services through region including Psychologists and Speech Therapists. We make use of interpreters and translation services of VITS for all school communication and events.

We are #GlengalaPROUD