Health & Physical Education

The Glengala Primary School Physical Education program is aligned with the Victorian Curriculum and provides the basis for developing knowledge, understanding and skills for students to lead healthy, safe and active lives.


All students participate in one 60 minute lesson of Physical Education per week.

The Physical Education program provides students with the opportunities to be physically active, develop fundamental motor skills, movement skills, teamwork skills, social skills, sportsmanship skills and apply them into structured activities and games. 

In the Early Years, there is focus on movement, fun and activity, with the goal of getting all our students to a high level of ability when performing the Fundamental Motor Skills; this helps younger children improve their eye/hand and eye/foot coordination, fitness, balance, locomotion and eye-tracking skills.


In the Middle to Upper Years, the Physical Education program is a sequential learning program based on the fundamental motor skills of; running, leaping, jumping, dodging, balancing, throwing, catching, kicking, ball bouncing, forehand striking, two handed side striking and punting.


Students use, and further develop, their skills in game situations. They refine skills and performance, and begin to use strategic thinking and strategies to enhance performance.


In the Upper Years, we transition into ‘Teaching Games for Understanding’ through target games, invasion games, net/wall games and striking/fielding games.


Students have the opportunity to represent Glengala Primary School in Summer and Winter Interschool sport, athletics, cross country, and other competitions.


At Glengala, we aim to produce quality lessons and teach skills and activities that transfer into health and physical activity outside of physical education class, as well as motivate children to be healthy and physically active for the rest of their lives.