School Council

A Victorian government school council is comprised of parents, the principal, staff and sometimes other community members. The school council assists in setting the educational policy of a school.


To be a part of the council you don’t need any particular qualifications or experience – schools look for enthusiastic parents who want to help improve the learning outcomes for all students.


Elections to school council positions are completed by the end of March each year. All parents or guardians of students enrolled at the school are eligible to vote for candidates wanting to participate on the school council.



2023 School Council



President: Jodi
Executive Officer: Dawn
DET Members:




Parent Members:







Contact with the School Council President can be made by email: or a letter addressed to the School Council President can be left at the front office.



Roles and Responsibilities of School Council


  • Representing the school and the community in reaching agreement with DET on the School Strategic Plan.
  • Determining the education policy, goals and priorities of the school within the framework of the School Strategic Plan within state-wide guidelines.
  • Approving the school budget which includes school-generated funds and any sponsorship arrangements, consistent with the Strategic Plan.
  • Maintaining and improving school grounds.
  • Reporting annual to the school community and DET.
  • Authorising the employment of non-teaching staff and any staff for short-term projects.
  • Developing the student dress code.