Student Wellbeing

At Glengala Primary School we believe that everyone has the right to learn in a respectful, responsible and safe environment. We are Glengala PROUD!


Our Wellbeing team works to support our students and families to engage in our school community, and help our students understand and navigate their social and emotional needs. We work to ensure students are the best learners they can possibly be.


The team can assist with referral pathways to family supports and offer guidance and support during times of uncertainty and crisis.


We strongly believe in the importance of supporting our students in a balanced way, ie. both their academic and social development. Our curriculum supports our students social and emotional learning growth, focusing on developing resilience,  building and maintaining friendships and developing an understanding of mental health and overall wellbeing.


We use a number of different proactive strategies to engage our students to be the best learners they can possibly be! Some of these strategies include:

  • Bee Three Awards: Each Friday at assembly we celebrate students who have been living our school values in the yard by being respectful, responsible or safe through our Bee Three award.
  • Class Dojos: A points-based system that praises positive behaviours in our classrooms.
  • Student Awards: Each Friday at assembly we celebrate students who have been trying their best in a range of their different learning areas through our student  awards.
  • Student Leadership: A variety of student leadership roles exist in our school. Some are targeted at specific year levels like our School Captains & Vice Captains. Most are offered across the school. Current Student Leadership opportunities include Junior School Council.
  • Break Time Clubs: several different clubs run during break time to engage students from across our school in different activities of interest. These clubs are a great opportunity for students to make new friends and try new things! We currently have Lego Club, Sports Club, Gardening Club, Drawing Club and Origami Club.