Compass is a school web based information portal that assists parents to stay informed and communicate with school staff.


This package was introduced to the school in 2018 and it is a package designed to streamline school operations around attendance and assessment/reporting.


Parents will be access the following in Compass:

  • Monitor attendance
  • Assess semester reports for 2018 and beyond
  • Assess school news feeds and announcements
  • Email teachers

Parents can access Compass through this link or scroll down the bottom of our website to Quick Links where you will find a direct link to our Compass web portal.


Compass is accessible in any internet web browser and has a mobile app (Compass School Manager) which can be downloaded from the Apple Store or through Google Play.


Click this link to download the app from the Apple Store.


Click this link to download the app from Google Play.


Please contact our school office for login issues or any other issue that arises with your access to Compass.